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Published: 28th January 2011
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Kurta pajama is one of the essential sets of clothing in traditional Indian fashion. It is generally worn by boys and men of India. The kurta consists of loose and light comfortable drawstring trousers and a long loose shirt generally till the knee length. Despite the factor that India is becoming a hub for International clothing and more and more of people are opting the Western wear yet clothing like kurta pajama is iconic and comfortable enough and still a hit among the Indian people.

While it is true that India has become modern enough that there is a preference of general clothing yet the kurta pajama has not lost its charm even among the younger generation. Though, many think that kurta pajama is only meant to be worn on festivals and special occasions, but the fact is kurta pajama is so comfortable that it can be used as a daily wear and also also a sleepwear. It looks so good and ethnic that you can wear it all day long and not feel slightest discomfort.

Some of the common styles of kurta pajama are:- Pathani style, Chudidhar style etc….Here I am listing a few of the styles so one can get a clear picture of what types of kurta and pajama are available and then easily one can go and buy according to the requirement and style.

Wedding kurta pajama: - The most important thing of the wedding is the dress to be worn and not be forgotten of course is the bride and the Groom. Kurta pajama is one of the most favored choices of dress for men as it brings out the wedding beauty and happiness from the groom. Some of the recent collections of wedding kurta pajama are embroidered kurta pajamas for marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions, designer wedding kurta pajama, Indian kurta pajama and many more.

Mehendi kurta pajama: - Mehendi is one of the important parts of the marriage. It is a function that requires less embroidered or printed dresses mostly preffered in yellow or sandalwood colour or white as the groom is rubbed with turmeric and sandalwood paste; it is a pre-marriage ceremony and holds much importance. Some of the recent collection of Mehendi kurta pajamas includes Mehendi silk kurta pajama, designer brocade mehendi kurta pajama, designer mehendi kurtha pajamas and etc.

Designer kurta pajama: - This kind of pajama is perfect wear for those who want to look distinct in the crowd and become an eye candy for ladies.It is a perfect wear for family’s special occasions and nowadays because of the designers these kurta pajama are available in a variety of styles and looks. It is available in variety of colors, designs and sizes to satisfy the needs of the customers. An exclusive collection of designer kurta pajamas includes silk designer kurta pajama, jacquard designer kurta pajama, brocade designer kurta pajama and etc.

Bridal kurta pajama: - The bridal pajamas are manufactured using high quality fabrics that ensure the long life of the fabric and prove to be extremely cost effective. As this is exclusively for one’s D-Day these bridal kurta pajamas are created with lot of hard work and crafted beautifully to capture the eyes of one’s bride.These bridal kurta pajama are available in vibrant variety of colours and also available in the designer collections. Some of the recent collections of bridal kurta pajama are embroidered bridal kurta pajamas, dhoti kurtas for grooms, bridal silk kurta pajamas and many more.

Sangeet kurta pajama: - As pre- marriage ceremonies holds much importance, similarly post wedding ceremonies also hold much importance as now the newly wedded bride is along with her groom. So even after the wedding the groom has to look at his best and here Sangeet kurta pajama’s comes to their rescue. During the Sangeet ceremony men typically wear conventional kurta pajamas. An extensive collection of Sangeet kurta pajamas are designer Sangeet kurta pajamas, silk kurta pajama, jacquard Sangeet kurta pajama and so on.

When you directly land up in the shop and see all the different varieties you tend to become so confused that you don’t understand what needs to be purchased. Here Internet shopping comes to your help. We can search through different sites and know what suits us best and what has be worn at different occasions.

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